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So I have been thinking about that Pyramids of Ra game for Game Boy I saw at the store. I did some research and found out it's kind of rare. NintendoAge lists it as an R7, while Digital Press listed it as an R4, but the loose price is $60 or so. So I went to buy it, along with a few cheapies I owned once but lost: Dr. Mario and Alleyway. I paid $7.99 for the Ra game. I got it home and looked on eBay. The only one from the US was listed at $255.95! There were others, mainly from Germany, that had it listed at $25 or so. Well, anyway, I think I got a good deal. Not as good as the deal where I got the Intellivision version of Congo Bongo for $1, but still good nonetheless. I wonder why Matchbox even decided to make a Game Boy game. Apparently their little toy cars weren't selling as well?

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