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Apollo Team Vampire boards for A500 now available for pre-order


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Holy frigg!


From what I can tell it's a super-accelerator + 128 MB RAM + IDE controller.


Triple the speed of a 68060 is certainly nothing to sneeze at.








What's the scoop on the video side of things? Does it just supply more outputs or does it actually enhance the graphics capabilities of the Amiga?


I see the A1200 accelerator is slated for 2017. :)

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Have mine preordered too! About the video output, from what I gather, the card also acts as an external video graphics accelerator card (just for Workbench screen modes and games designed for it like Doom and Quake of course) with native HDMI out! So yes, you still need to switch between monitors, say one modern LCD and one CRT for playing games... that's exactly how I ran my 060 based A2000 for a while. Really nice having a graphics accelerated Amiga with full color desktop to navigate your WHDLoad files, surf the web and do other productive things but will always prefer to game on CRT's. :love:

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