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Sega Genesis Mini HDMI build from Genesis Mini USB Hub and Pi Zero


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The 3 fits. I'm going to end up trimming the hub cable and soldering it to the bottom of the Pi. Without going script crazy, going to mount a small momentary switch near the fake power switch slider so it can bump into it. Wired to pins 5/6 on the GPIO. Will at least be able to bring the Pi online from a software power down.
















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Very impressive. It's such a great idea I ordered one of those hubs after reading this thread :)


Just be careful opening it. There are posts between each of the USB ports that are glued, it will take some force to separate. I didn't pry from the front, opened it from the back like a book. Kept my fingers as close to the front as possible so the force wasn't at the back of the hub while prying. Other than the openings for the various ports, not many modifications are required to the case. You will want to get a sharp pen knife and remove the innard flying buttress support from the usb cable strain relief post. That way you can butt the ethernet port of the Pi 3 right up against the post.

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