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Diddy's Kong Quest 3D: Episode 1


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I wanted to share with the folks here on Atari Age another project that I worked on in 2015. It was a fan project that I originally started in December 2014 and finished around the same time in 2015 so it took a year to complete. It was a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest for the SNES

Diddy's Kong Quest 3D Episode 1


Tittle Screen

Seaside Siege Playthrough

Party At Cranky's and King Zing Boss

Krow Boss Battle

Expresso Blast from the past bonus level

Crocodile Cauldron

Hornet Hole

Kannon's Klaim

Blast from the past bonus levels

Davy Bones Locker

Mudhole Marsh


Gangplank Gallean


This game was a massive project for me and was created in the old version of Game Maker. I learned how to do a lot of things with this. I created custom scripts and really pushed Game Maker to it's limits. I encountered a memory leak within the engine and I had to come up with a clever way to work around that. The whole thing was a learning experience for me and I hope to be able to put some of that experience to good use in my future Atari Jaguar projects but most of all I want to share the game with anybody who is interested in giving it a play. The game is 1GB in size so expect a hefty download. Enjoy!



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