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carts I picked up today


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Space Shuttle is really a great sim !

If you dare to read french (or google translate it) I wrote an article about it some years ago :


I used to play Space Shuttle on Commodore 64 a lot. Never could dock with the Skylab more then once.

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Caifornia Games uses an Activision shell, and maybe an Activision-esque PCB. Those are especially notorious for going flaky due to dirty contacts. Give the contacts a good scrub with rubbing alcohol and/or a Magic Eraser, and that should help keep the game alive.

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Never played the c64 version (I should !). Do you know wether the "specs" (angles or speeds for reentry for example) are the same as the vcs ones ? I suppose so, as they are meant to be "real", but who knows :)

I played the Atari 800XL version on tape and it was a real handful even with the keyboard to operate it. Although I owned the 2600 version I lacked the overlay so did not have a clue as to what the Hell I was doing :?

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Wow does that every look like alot of work to play that game.. Has to be the most dust collected cart of all time. I read the instructions and concluded to never play it and leave it in the bin.

At age 39 not sure if I could follow all those tiny details to have "fun"

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The space station you dock with was clearly modeled after Skylab. Skylab re entered the atmosphere on July 11,1979 with some debris landing in Western Australia.

When Skylab fell I was 7 yrs old & I hoped it would fall in my backyard!


Didnt do too bad on Atari finds today:

super Baseball


Outer Space


Canyon Bomber

Space Invaders blue text label

Space Attack

Slot Machine

Pelé's Soccer

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