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atari2600land's Blog - Golf and snow.


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So it's supposed to snow beginning at 6am. And I woke up at 2pm. The reason I woke up at 2pm is because I had an idea. While sleeping. I was dreaming I was working on a golf game for the Atari 2600. Then I half woke up and began scheming how to do this. I decided to go ahead and work on this. And I have an updated version than the one I posted earlier. This version has a part where you can swing the ball on the fairway. The earlier just had the putting part done. Now the first hole is complete. It's a par 3. And after you sink the putt the game freezes and you can press the reset button to begin anew. The difference between a long shot and a short shot is how long you press fire. So since it looks like I'm working on this game, I made a very simple website for it where you can download the latest ROM in a zip file with the code. Still no Game Boy Everdrive. And the power may go out tomorrow. Or nothing may happen. And every school in the area is closed for tomorrow except for the ones further south in the valley, like where I am. So I guess there's a slim chance of anything happening? But anyway, I've been working on the golf game for the past two hours since I put the putting in. So here's the website: http://www.atari2600land.com/golf2600/

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