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While I was waiting for the snow to come in, I decided to work on Frank the Fruit Fly. The task was to put the classic Game Boy font in instead of the weirdo font that was already in there. So I ran that Tetris rom I downloaded and ripped the font. What I did was I saved the asm file at the same place where the letters were defined. I got the letters' definitions in a txt file. So I put them in the game. It took quite a few tries to put them in the right place to override the default font, then a few more tries to make it so the default font didn't flash before it changed to the other font. And then, success.

And then, it started to snow. It wasn't more than a dusting, but it was still neat to watch the snow fall. The schools closed. Snow is rare here, so we usually don't get much more than a dusting. And since I was up all night waiting for it to fall, it was about 8:30am when it started, and I stayed up for a few more hours watching it fall and then went to sleep. It quit a little after I went to sleep. Before I went to sleep, I checked on the Game Boy Everdrive I had ordered a few weeks ago. It's in New Hampshire. I don't know why it took 2 weeks to get to the USA.

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