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[Atari 2600 Jr][Power Supply Problem] My Atari 2600 don't receive power...


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Hello guys, today I wanted to play with my Atari 2600 but it don't turn on: the led become red but then it slowly turns off. I opened the AC charger but it's OK. I connected it to a power supply and after an hour it become quite hot so it works. I even tested it with electricity tester and it works just fine... Is it a problem of the console then? How can I fix it? thanks for who will help me :)


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It most likely the power jack. I Played with a jr. for a good hour or two with this same problem.

The power tip isn't touching the back contact in the connector.

Does it work when you only plug it half way in?

When it gets plugged in the hot disconnects and then makes contact when fully seated.

The oem adapter had a bulbous tip that seemed to make better contact. Aftermarket stereo jack style seems to have more problems.

New oem ac adapters here:

http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/power 20guide.htm

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