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<p>So I got my Game Boy Everdrive in the mail today. Attempted to figure out how to put the micro SD card in the slot. Made the SD card fall into the cartridge a few times, it fell out when I shook it and turned it upside down. I put the current version of Frank in there (version 12, today's) onto the card along with the GBOS.gb file. I turned the Game Boy on. It took a few tries to realize that the button to load the game on is B, not A, which is weird because B doesn't seem to be the button that would be used. But it worked! All that work I have done so far is paying off. It was fun to see Frank flying around the title screen on a real Game Boy. I read the manual for the Battery Pack, which I use instead of AA batteries. It said it could be used up to 300 times. What? That would mean if you played your Game Boy every day it wouldn't even last a year? And yet somehow it survived and still works almost 30 years later? Someone is wrong here. But now that I know that what I am doing actually works on an actual Game Boy, I can forge ahead with this project. I have a question though. Say I finish the game. Is there anyone who can put Game Boy ROMS onto actual cartridges? It would be cool if I could sell the game.</p>



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