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Success with: UDS with NanoPEB V1 and TE-II Cartridge


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Since Jamie has been selling the Nano PEB's version 1 again. I thought I would share some successful testing I have done with the Nano PEB V1 and the TEII cartridge to help new comers to the NanoPEB V1 as well as some of us that have had it but never dived into this area.


I cabled the serial cable for the Nano as referenced on Stuarts site and it will work for his Browser as well. Pin-outs are below.


However, the below UDS settings will not work with his browser and will need to be changed back to the settings required for his browser to function as referenced on his site HERE


Note: This cable will NOT work with the CfHDXS program, that program requires a standard null modem cable to transfer files to and from the PC via the NanoV1.


I have been able to successfully connect to FuSiON BBS others via 300 baud and the NanoPEBv1 via Terminal Emulator II (TE-II) with the below settings:




NanoPEB side Lantronix side
9-way D-type 25-way D-type Male
Pin Pin
2 (RX) ------<<------ (RX out) 3
3 (TX) ------>>------ (TX in) 2
5 (GND) -------------- (GND) 7
7 (RTS) -->>--+
8 (CTS) --<<--+ (pins 7 and 8 connected together)





Baud = 300

Parity = Even

Duplex = Full

RS232 Port = 1

Column With = 40


UDS Settings: (specific for use with TE-II and UDS)


Baudrate 300, I/F Mode 78, Flow 00
Port 00023
Connect Mode : D6
Auto increment source port disabled
Remote IP Adr: --- none ---, Port 00000
Disconn Mode : 80
Flush Mode : 00
Once in Terminal Emulator II you can simply type:
Also remember in TE-II in order to backspace you must press CTRL-H.
Please note the IP address could change since it is dynamic, it is best to ping fusionbbs.ddns.net to get the correct IP address.
You will then be connected to FuSiON BBS. Select 'No' for 80 columns display when prompted.
Please note you will not be able to transfer files via TE-II with FuSiON BBS.
I suspect this method will also work with TCPSER via a Rapberry Pi, Linux or Windows PC but I have tested yet.


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For direct-input text exchanges, 300 BAUD is actually pretty fast. Humans typing max out at around 130 BAUD--it was almost impossible for the professional typists BITD to max out my 110 BAUD Model 37 Teletype. A few of them tried. . .but it won every time. They weren't the absolute best out there though, and I suspect there were a few that could type faster than it could take the input. . .I just never saw any.

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