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Atari Lynx II not working: diode D7 ?


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Hi guys, I've an Atari Lynx II not working.

Or better...you see that it would work....but it can't.


I try to explain me better: the screen is not totally blank...but it's like grey

and some few lines of the game appear. i recognise the colors of the game.

And from the speaker some crackly part of sound sometimes come out.

It's not the screen (tried with a surely working one) and not the flat cable.

And it's not the speaker.


I did a recap: nothing to do

(oh...about that...on tech wiki https://console5.com/wiki/Atari_LynxI found that there are 10 uF 6,3V capacitors,

while they are 16v...I don't now if 6,3 voltage is enough, and 16v on that capacitor is for safety, but 6,3v it's not the original voltage.)


Anyway, all the diodes seem good, except for D7 which is totally broken, without continuity.

I see from schematics it's a 1N4148 diode.


For you: could it be the reason for the not working behavior? Have I to buy it and trying to replace it or it will be time lost?


Thank you!

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