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Three Demos by Papa


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I am posting three demos on which Papa is currently working! These are meant for the Harmony Cart with real hardware. They may not look right with emulation.


  • Street Fight World has flips now, and is almost done. The backgrounds are different, too.
  • Motu uses overlapping, single-color sprites and will likely be a combination of boss battles and scrolling backgrounds--like Zonic.
  • Zonic has zombies! and uses playercolors, player1colors, and pfheights (Papa's new favorite kernel option), along with overlapping sprites. There's a storm in the beginning at the title screen; if you don't skip through it, you'll see something cool!


Please let me know what you think, and I'll pass it along.




*NOTE: I accidentally uploaded the wrong Zonic!! This new one attached is the correct one. I apologize!




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