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Using Europe 220v Falcon/C-Lab MKX in USA for 110v?

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So I see more Falcons or C-Lab based Falcons like the come up for sale. I take it these models from places like UK and Germany are all 220v.


Can they be run with some adapter on 110v in USA?


One day I may pull the trigger on a C-Lab model like the MKX abd would be good to know in advance what I need to do in order to run one in USA.


Thanks, TJ

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A 110v supply, a keyboard that's appropriate and set the NVRAM to your region and your ready to go.


Just remember to get a UK or USA version, any other, the keyboard differences are to big. USA keyboards are almost impossible to come by these days.


$75 - $95 for a 110v psu

$95 - $120 for suitable keyboard


You can use a standard ST keyboard


You will probably need to get a new dallas chip or suitable replacement.

The original Hard drives and floppy's are at the end of their life.

and you will want 14 meg ram

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At least 14mb of ram is easy enough to get a hold of, but have you seen the prices lately for US keyboard Falcons? I bought mine from a guy on amibay for a 3rd the price a year ago. Granted it has a what I believe originally a Qwertz keyboard (the Y is there, but is clearly shaped differently, like it was from a keyboard that has it on the bottom row), yet the sticker says it's a UK keyboard...


Any one out there with a 3D printer want to print up some falcon colored keys so we can use ST keyboards and have it still look good? I was looking into the process of getting laser etched keys and 3D printing them, that would be pretty awesome. I have a semi screwed up 1040STf that I could steal the keyboard from even.

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