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Today, Frank ventures outside the toilet screen and into the screen with the bathtub in it to the right. I went to test the bathtub screen and realized I spelled 'bathtub' as 'bathub.' Luckily, the extra T could fit in there. This took a few hours to do. Frank's movement has changed yet again as I had to add more stuff which slowed stuff down. I'm wondering though whether I should change the goal from going outside to going to Arizona. Right now he would be in North Carolina. It's like that Jay Leno headline about the healthy 1 lb. turtle needing a ride to Cincinnati. This would also get some more changes, like a snow level once you get out of the house, and a grasslands in the USA's heartland and a desert once you reach New Mexico. But I'll see how big the house can be, that is a long ways off. I'm thinking the bathroom will be made of 7 screens. You'll need to get two coins to be able to fight the bathroom boss: Fred the Flea. I guess I'll put a coin counter at the top as well. I'd get rid of the level number since you don't need to necessarily know it.

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