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Easy O2 power LED mod


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Well since recent topics have talked about the a/v and joystick mods I figured why not talk about the Power LED mod and round out the mod trinity. This is very easy to do and just requires an LED, some wire, solder and soldering iron. I found a bunch of red copper wire in the garage and took the LEDs out of some dead PS2 controllers.


I then soldered the end of the LEDs to the wire and the other end to the two points you see in the pics. I just tested voltage on my multimeter until I got 5volts with the console on and it worked great. I then snaked the LED to the back grill and taped it down so you can see it from above.


You can drill a hole and have the LED more prominent but I didn't want to mutilate the console. I have tested this for several hours and see no issues. Let me know if you did one differently.



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