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Buyer Beware Game-Sir controllers


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so I am putting together a pi-3 system with lakka as its os/front end (its really slick and very integrated unlike retropi) and thought hey the 3 has BT 4.0 Ill get myself a bt 4.0 controller


which looking around ended me up with a game sir g3 series


this is a very handsome and sturdy, if a bit light controller loosely based the layout of a PS3 controller I picked the one that supported android, i-os, pc and ps3


what I got in the mail was a basic G3 that only supports android and i-os


here's where it becomes interesting


  1. it boast's to have a 32 bit mcu in it to handle all communications, but it wont work with PC, or even go into PC mode over bluetooth, it requires a 2.4ghz dongle which I didnt get cause they sent the wrong one
  2. it never shows up on my pc as any device over bt, however it eventually shows up on my android phone as a keyboard then lags itself into a input device, and works perfectly on my ipad as a icade controller
  3. when you plug it direct into a pc via USB it shows up as a mouse, ok it has mouse emulation mode, and it is piss poor, to navigate the properties window of it, it took no less than 5 tries to get the mouse to move over the ok button, its like it moves for 2 seconds then its done, you let go and let it sit for a second then it moves another 2 seconds in which ever direction you press
  4. when trying to contact the customer service email, 3 times in a row, 2 copy pastes, and one type it in by hand I almost instantly get
A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:



so ok I have a functioning, what seems to be good quality mobile device controller, which is not what I ordered, that requires a dongle in 2016 to connect to a PC, has no idea how to communicate to a pc via USB-HID, and a dead email link


I have not tried on the pi yet but if I cant get it working with that, I have a 40ish dollar door stop


sucks cause its actually a really nice controller



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I was able to get it fully functional in retropie with it in android mode and its a decent little controller, but still would love to use it on my PC


I did eventually get someone to respond from gamesir by spamming every contact option they provided, they said yes the model I have will not work with pc, but they would check to make sure they sent the one I bought and its been silent for a week now

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