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So I thought I'd go ahead and finish Mr. Ultra 2 since I got a message on the SMS Power forums saying I can make a 48k game without bankswitching. I was up to 32k and thought that was the biggest game I could make. So I put in a level 6. What I plan to do is add a simple seventh level. Why simple? Because it needs to be in order to fit into 48k. Even with the ending already in the game, I still only have a tiny bit of room left. So after the seventh level, all I'd need to do is make the levels appear one after another and then the ending and I'd be done. The snow from Wednesday is still here. I wonder if it's my imagination or if it has begun the very slow process of melting? It is supposed to be 33 today and then 38 tomorrow so hopefully all the snow will melt tomorrow. Because it's very boring staying at home waiting for it all to melt. I need to think up of a 7th level for Mr. Ultra 2. I like the ending, though. It explains why Mr. Ultra is running around different levels, and yet simple. Why have I decided to finish Mr. Ultra 2? The computer it's on I fear is going to die soon. I've been able to resurrect it quite a few times now. Which is sad because it runs Vista and I like Vista. (I like Windows 95 even better. It was amazing that I could watch Weezer's "Buddy Holly" music video and play a capture the flag game with futuristic vehicles.) So anyway, I hope to have Mr. Ultra 2 wrapped up here pretty soon. In case the computer breaks, I've saved all the .inc files (the graphics and sound files needed) as well as the code, so all I'd need to do is figure out how to put the .exe files needed to compile Game Gear games on my new computer.

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