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Naughty List - The Byte Before Christmas


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Hi All,

I'm wishing everybody at AA a Merry Christmas, and sharing the ROM for the minigame Naughty List, from The Byte Before Christmas multicart. :)



In Naughty List you play as Santa. Your mission is to drop packages full of explosives onto the ugly union buildings, completely destroying them. Each package you drop needs to hit the building dead-center to cause destruction. Packages that miss the mark have no effect. Larger buildings will need multiple hits to reduce them to rubble. But your mission isn't as easy as it sounds. Your reindeer are tired from delivering presents, so as you fly over the block your deer will drop closer and closer to the buildings. If you smash into a building you'll lose a deer, and you only have three to spare! On some levels you'll encounter innocent pedestrians that you must avoid killing, and on other levels you'll battle construction vehicles that work overtime to undo your night of destruction.

When possible, try to bomb multiple buildings with each pass of the block, as you'll finish the level quicker and earn more points.

When there are multiple small buildings and construction vehicles, you should focus on breaking up these grouped buildings first. During this time the construction vehicle will build up other buildings, but once you've eliminated the groups, you'll be able to remove the others by striking multiple buildings in each pass.

Another publicly available game from The Byte Before Christmas is Bell Hopper, which you should also check out if you already haven't. Aside from being great fun, it features the highest high-scores of any 2600 game!

Lastly, if you own The Byte Before Christmas and are feeling in a giving spirit, the AA store has no reviews for this multicart. Maybe this will be the year some kind soul shares some words. |:)

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Happy Holidays! ZeroPage Homebrew will be playing Byte Before Christmas (Naughty List) on tomorrow's (Fri Dec 25) stream LIVE on Twitch at 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 8PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!







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