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FS/FT: Emerson Arcadia (Powers on, no picture/sound) 8 Games CIB


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Well about a week ago I was pumped to purchase an Emerson Arcadia with 8 games really cheap. But can't play it or the games since the console only powers on and no picture/sound and have no idea how to fix it or what is wrong with it. I don't want to pay 100 dollars or so for a working system just to play what games I have with it since I have no attachment to the Arcadia and know little about it. Used an adaptor that screws into the TV and my atari works on it so I know its the Arcadia. System is a little dusty but the games and contacts look mint/near mint. Has 2 power cords but one is spliced and didn't even try that one. Only box that has noticeable wear/damage is Space Raiders. Prefer to sell as a lot to someone here who would appreciate it and maybe could fix it before ebaying the system and games as a lot or trade for games Genesis/NES/SNES/N64 only. If any interest, send offer. Shipping will be about 20 dollars for the lot, US. Kind of bummed about the situation but wasn't meant to be I guess. I have feedback on Nintendo Age/SegaAge with my same user name. http://nintendoage.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Users.Feedback&User=cvgplus But games are Jungler, Space Raiders, Tanks a lot, Escape, Baseball, Brain Quiz, Space Attack, Cattrax.


nintendoage photos 1305

nintendoage photos 1307

nintendoage photos 1306

nintendoage photos 1308

nintendoage photos 1309

nintendoage photos 1310

nintendoage photos 1311



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Brain quiz is traded for. Still have 7 games left Jungler, Space Raiders, Tanks a lot, Escape, Baseball, Space Attack, Cattrax. Make offer on game lot or trade for NES/SNES/N64/Genesis games. Will basically ship Emerson Arcadia console with power supplies and adaptor for TV for 20 Priority if anyone has interest which pretty much covers shipping and paypal fees, as stated in earlier post system powers on but not able to see picture/no audio so maybe can be fixed or something simple or not.

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