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Streamlining equipment: Atari ST, Itanium Servers, and more


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Hi guys, I'm sorry but the Atari ST equipment is not available. I have to apologize. I went to my parent's home yesterday. After looking thru all my atari STUFF, I couldn't find the Atari ST... I looked for hours.. At some point, I was under the impression that my mom (known for this) had thrown it out... However, she told me that she had not... After many hours looking, My father told me that he had delivered some boxes a few years ago, but I was sure it wasn't the case. Anyways, this morning, searching my emails from eBay, I notice that I have sold all my Atari ST (and one C128) at the end of 2013. It is not clear how I forgotten about this and I apologize for this. I'm sorry about this.


I'm going to ask Al to lock this thread and I'm going to create a new one.





Orignal Thread:

I'm keeping only my 8-bit equipment and maybe a couple of computers (I'm not sure yet if I will sell Amiga 500 and C128 with Disk Drive that I have).


I will be adding more information soon, but here is the basic information. I want to see if there is any interest before going to eBay:


I have a few Atari 520, 1040 ste, disk drives, atari mega, with monitor and "hard drive (removable media"), some other software, lots of used floppies, and some original software that I purchased.

My zip is 33183. So you can calculate the shipping.

If anyone is interested, please PM. I will be updating this thread with pictures and information in the upcoming weeks. Once I have the equipment information with more details, you can post your offer via PM.

I also have some Itanium 2 Servers and old Solaris.


HP Workstation ZX6000 Itanium 2x 1.3GHz 8GB 2X 73G 15k -- This one for sure was working last time I worked with it. I have debian installed.


HP INTEGRITY RX1620 1U SERVER Dual 1.3GHz 4GB ver 2.18 -- This one did turned on but I needed a special cable to connect to console, since it doesn't have a video card, as far as I remember.


Sun Blade 100 Ultra SPARC IIe computer workstation

In addition, I have an Alpha Server -- it was working. I tried to add more HD but I wasn't able to do so. Of course, the OpenVMS license expired because it is the hobby license but you can still get it (it must be renew every year). For the OpenVMS I may have media. (for the alpha -- I don't have media for OpenVMS running on Itanium).
Let me know.
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