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Very simple sound engine (With example)


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I keep seeing questions about sound. I've tried posting this before but got no feedback. So, this is my attempt with a full working example :)


Basically, at the top of your main game loop you have a variable for a sound effect. If its value is greater than 0 the sound plays. The sound effect value gets decremented and gets its volume turned off at 0.


Using the same sound effect variable you can get different noises depending on the duration. So, that saves on using extra variables.

 rem /** Declare the 2 variables for sound.  Putting higher values in changes the duration and sound **/
 dim sounda = a
 dim soundb = b

 rem /** if a sound variable is greater than 0 play sound effect and decrease its value.  Kill sound if 0 **/
 if sounda > 0 then sounda = sounda - 1 : AUDC0 = 8 : AUDV0 = 4 : AUDF0 = sounda else AUDV0 = 0
 if soundb > 0 then soundb = soundb - 1 : AUDC1 = 2 : AUDV1 = 4 : AUDF1 = soundb else AUDV1 = 0

 rem /** if FIRE or up is pressed start playback of sound effects by putting a value in the sound variables **/
 if joy0fire then sounda = 50
 if joy0up then soundb = 50

 rem /** Start main program loop again **/
 goto main


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Works great, thanks! I was playing around with the Tinkernut program where he shows how to make an Atari game on YouTube and added sound to it.




The bB page has a Tinkernut version with sound effects:





The bB page also has other sound effect/music examples:



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Thanks for pointing that out. I can play the Tinkernut game in Stella, but I can't load the 53k .bas file in Visual Batari Basic. Visual Batari just says not responding.


Do you have the latest version of VbB:



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