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The CV Brotherhood strikes back!


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Ever heard of the ColecoVision Brotherhood?


The CV Brotherhood was founded by me along with a few other guys a few years ago


The mission of the Brotherhood is to preserve any CV related stuff, but most importantly, the CV prototypes


We already did saved a few prototypes out there and made them available in cartridge format (physical release)


Well, I'm happy to announce that the CV Brotherhood is soon going to strike back once again!!

We'll soon reveal a big announcement!


So stay tuned!


"Your Vision is Our Vision!"

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Oooohhh! Some very late dates in the production lifespan of the Colecovision... these must be very exciting! How long will you keep us waiting? The anticipation is killing me! :D


Yep, VERY late in the production lifespan

And it looks like we all know a prototype by its wrong title

OK, I stop this here, more on that later....


I'll reveal them somewhere in January ;)

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Are these prototypes of already released games




unreleased games?

1st proto has already been released as a commercial release

We need to check how different it is from the release


2nd proto has already been found in the past but with another name

It looks like the one we have is the final version (according to the eprom date)

The name is also TM wich lead us to think this is the final version


3rd proto has never been found before!

It's the very first time we heard of this game (never been mentioned it's was going to be a CV game)

Not an "awesome" game but still, a previously unreleased game nonetheless

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Did you test your prototype #1 ? , with the eproom "window" open.... i would be surprised if it still work... in addition you took a picture with a flash apparently... :(


I'm looking foward to know what game there are!... mainly the #3!

Yes indeed, I was shocked to see those eprom windows not covered

The good news is all 3 prototype are working


I'm not the one who took the pictures, I immediately asked to cover those windows

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  • 2 weeks later...

Learning With Fuzzywomp is also an Apple II game.

Fireworks Factory, any screens ?



Yeah, Learning with Fuzzywomp was part of the Learning with series from Sierra


As for Fireworks Factory, then all I can say for now is it's the final version of the Fireman game

Quite different as well , hence the title change


More later ;)

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And here's the latest CV prototype we saved :cool:


OMG - after all the crap that went on about this I am so glad to see that it truly does exist and that it is now in the hands of someone who will actually do something to share it with the community rather than a whole load of stupid teasing. Thanks J-F for making this happen and very excited to see exactly what the prototype contains. ;-)

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