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ADAM Virtual Disk Drive Units Now Available


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I've been having nothing but problems with my VDD. I copied my entire collection to it and at least half don't load from the VDD. I get missing file errors, freeze ups, IO errors, some need several resets to load, And some don't load at all. Ive tried 3 consoles 2 printers 2 Rey power supply's 2 64k expanders you name it, Still having nothing but problems. I can however copy any.DSK image to a real disk, and they work flawlessly. I bought 2 VDD's and both have the same unfortunate problems. Could it be my sd card reader? Ive triend everything else. any thoughts? Kev

Time to go back to square one Kev. Remove any and all hardware except for the digital data drive; plug in the VDD making sure that you have the drives set to # 1 or # 2 in the order you want; mount and try the programs you have put on it. Keep in mind that some won't work as they need the memory expander (i.e. - ADAMbomb 2, Powerpaint, ADAMbomb 1) If programs work, then insert the emory expander and retry. This way you can test and try each piece of ADAM hardware as you build the system. Also, when copying ADAM software to a "disk", make sure that you are copying the entire ADAM disk using Filemanager and copying from block 0 to the end of the physical disk; then take out the microSD card and rename the "disk" in your ibm computer making sure to only change the name of the particular "disk". Also do NOT delete or try to change a file on the microSD card called LastFile as it holds the key to the operation of the microSD card.

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I had to do it. Aesthetics.

I LIKE it ! I had cut out the bottom frame on the door, never considered drilling holes for the buttons and light. Solder in a 12v wire for power and tap the data wire in and it would be self contained inside the ADAM, although it requires a partial removal to change out the micro sd card.

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I tapped the 5V instead, losing the voltage regulator, because I am not using the printer for power. I will finalize this with a microsd to sd extension cable and then start hemming-and-hawing about getting an f18a (which would be my fourth f18a after ColecoVision, TI, and //gs, I think.)

Looks GOOD!!! I LIKE it! I kept it in the case inside a data drive shell (with cutouts for cables, etc.

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