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atari 5200 3rd party controller issue


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When I use my WIco command control for the atari 5200 whatever I am controlling on the screen pulls to the right after I move left and the joystick centers. I tiried playing with the regular 5200 controllers and they work fine. I think the cable the wico and the atari 5200 are plugging into is bad. When I disconnect the wico the character on screen pulls to the right. Do I need a new cable?

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with the non centering sticks you have visual feedback when you find the center


also the potentiometers in the wico are of lesser quality than the atari ones all the original controllers are like 30 years old and back in the day you were lucky if your controller lasted a year before they got jittery


the 5200 does self adjust put in missile command play a few games making a few circles adjust the sliders heck your controller may be broke but generally if a wire breaks the cursor will end up at the right or bottom


sorry the analog controller system is a bit finicky heck it was a problem even with ibm pc clones for years

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And these adapters are pretty scarce. Buy this and plug it into the masterplay clone. The 9 pin cable part. And you can use that freedom stick on the 5200 and 2600 also. And get a freedom connect and you can use nes controllers on the 5200 also. And bluetooth ps4, wii mote with the retro reciever for nes and a nes 4 score as AVE1 said. But that freedom stick is pretty decent for now.



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