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I have an idea for a homebrew I'd like to get started on sometime, but I wanted to ask a few questions about limitations first.

I see the final product as a one-player, "beatable" game with a very rudimentary cutscene at the beginning and end. I'm thinking three-second animations of a sprite and a speech bubble.

Is this too complicated to implement in 8 or 16K? I saw a post that said animation is nearly impossible on the 2600, and I would want to rethink the concept if that's the case. The game has a story though, and some hint of it should be able to unfold onscreen.


Also, the game's engine will be sort of like a cross between Joust and the flying variations of Combat. Imagine dragons in a dogfight.

It might be too ambitious for right now, but I dunno. If people think it's worth a shot, I'll work on it.

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