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I've been dabbling with various preservation stuff in the past few years but the one I'm really wanting to get even more expanded is high quality scans of boxes and manuals of games with no watermarks. I've personally invested thousands so far in doing this with my website www.gamingalexandria.com but have been thinking and realizing there's no way I can do this on my own and want to work with others that have large nice collections and would be willing to donate their time to scan various systems themselves in high dpi (600 preferably) for preservation, or mail it to myself or others that are trusted in the community (I'll even pay postage both ways) to accomplish this. Specifically I'd like to target the obscure Japanese stuff such as PC98, Epoch Super Cassette Vision and Sord M5 etc (Which I've recently purchased a lot of boxed games for) but really every system is needed. I've previously asked Nintendo Age but nobody there really seemed interested there but I thought I'd see if maybe this community would be willing to scan some stuff, and luckily most NES stuff has been well covered via The Cover Project outside of some of the rare unlicensed stuff, and I'm working on getting that done as we speak.


There may already be sites that have various systems well covered, and I'd love to know about those so they wouldn't have to be messed with. I know of Cover Project like I said above but that art isn't always preserved in proper aspects as their more meants for fitting specific case sizes, or some of it is just completely labeled wrong, and lastly it's altered at times and isn't 100% true to the original. A very valuable asset for sure but the more original scans we could acquire the better. I also know many people are worried about people reproducing fakes of games and that is a valid concern. But many high dollar games have already been scanned and are bootlegged even if this project doesn't go forward. And basically I hate to see a few bad apples ruin the ability for everyone to share in high quality art scans.


I'd love to work with like-minded individuals which would want to work together for this goal as the time it takes to scan things properly and keep it organized is very consuming. Plus I'm sure I could be doing it better myself and am always open to advice. Maybe we could start up a new site cataloging all of what we do. So if you're interested at all in preserving high quality scans of our favorite games, let me know and hopefully we can get much more preserved together than I'll ever be able to alone.




- Hubz


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