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Happy Holidays! Space Patrol full edition ROM free download


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Happy holidays, everyone!


I've put the Space Patrol Full Edition ROM up at http://spacepatrol.info/


This should play in emulators or on the real system. This edition is nearly identical to the cartridge release. The only minor change is a tweak to the sound effect code, to (hopefully) fix an issue I noticed with the INTV System III and certain sound effects.


This is long overdue.




(And remember to enable ECS for best sound when playing in an emulator!)



Space Patrol - Full Cartridge Release - 2007.zip

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I've been wanting to play the full version for a long time. Glad I don't have to get gouged by the second hand market now. Thanks Joe, I'll be putting this on the LTO Flash today! :)


Just installed it on my LTO- so easy to use... Cant wait to play the full version...


Cheers :)

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I don't know if I'll come back to it, honestly. I think I just need to move onto new and different projects.


I get it.

Moon Patrol was one of my favorite games on the TI99 and this version more than covers it!


I think the Intellivision is crying for Parsec! I know I sound like a broken record. But voice and "lift" speed being easy on the controller. It is meant to be.


Super Pro Parsec! With new attack waves and refueling tunnels etc.


To bad imagic didn't use voice on the intellivision version of Micro-surgeon. "Paging Dr. Levine"

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