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LS Upcoming Releases 2017

Der Luchs

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Upcoming Lynx Stuff so far for 2017:

- ALPINE GAMES by Duranik (Re-Release) ~


- ISEGRIM by Der Luchs ~

​- POKERMANIA by MW Software (Re-Release) + # ~

- QUADROMANIA by RPM Software ~

​- SPACE BATTLES by Harry Dodgson ~

- UNSEEN by hikachi ~

- YASTUNA 2 by fadest (Re-Release) * +


Already Released:

- HANOI by Vince & rygar ~


- YASTUNA 1 by fadest (Re-Release) * +


* Also available as Upgrade Kit (Just Box, Manual, Poster & Cartridgesticker)


+ New Artwork

​# New Music

~ Curved Lip Cartidge

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ISEGRIM will crush the Lynx in 2017, here the first picture, looks like I need the McWill Mod 1f603.png :-D

So, that's it for 2016, now for real 1f642.png

See you all next year, happy holydays!




That looks great.

A lot of depth.

Im definately going to purchase.

This Reminds me of Zelda, Gauntlet and Night Stalker.

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I've seen a game were ppl asking much money for.
​To see prices for a game like 100€,150€,200€,250€ or even 300€ makes my stomach turn.
​So, I've talked to the dev-team to stop this madness and they are ok that I'll do an unlimited run.
​I'm happy and pround to announce the another Re-Release for 2017 by Luchs Soft to make it
available​ for everyone to a normal Price:

​Alpine Games by Duranik (Re-Release)

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Looking forward to getting my hands on some more Lynx goodness! ISEGRIM looks VERY nice!! :-)


I've already got Alpine Games but I'm pleased to hear that you are releasing it so more Lynx enthusiast can get their hands on it and not have to pay the stupid prices people are asking for a copy on ebay. I just find that very very wrong!

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Great news:
​I'm talking to someone who made a classic homebrew in the past and it
​looks like, that this sold out homebrew will find it's way to the list :-)

​ALSO I've got an offer for 3D printed Curved Lips, I'll check it out, maybe
​some Releases will have Curved Lip Cartridges. Yeah :-)

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