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LS Upcoming Releases 2017

Der Luchs

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They are beautiful but the label on my Quadromania is not straight and the cart won't load.

Did you try on regular Lynx or McWill modded one ?

Don't know why but my cart don't boot on Mc Will Lynx (seems to block at fixed splash screen) but works like a charm on regular Lynx. This is really a nice game.

Need to do some tests again...


Edit : just tried with nuclear to Lynx converter and it works on McWill also, maybe my batteries are a bit weak for booting process (was working fine with Retro XMassacre - really fun game also)

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Only on Mcwill. I don't know if the label is the problem and I don't want to risk testing it. I just don't have the time either these days for testing various scenarios. I have reported to Sascha and await his reply. I hope yours gets sorted soon.

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Update. Sticker sorted and that's not causing the problem. I've tested Quadromania on lynxes that are in storage and the cart is fine. However it only loads very temperamental and at an angle on my main McWill lynx. I've tested other Luchsoft releases on the main lynx which are also fine. However upon close inspection it seems my quadromania (and space battles) are thinner than the previous releases. I think the thick SC cart I've had may have forced the connectors apart slightly. I'm waiting to see if Der Luchs has replacement thicker carts for these latest releases.

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I'm sorry to bump this old thread, but I was trying to get a hold of @Der Luchs and noticed that his last post was on this thread back in 2019.  I see the same on his own web site and Facebook profile, he hasn't updated in a couple of years.


I'm now just wondering if he is well.  Has anybody been in contact with him?


@Der Luchs, if you're around lurking, I hope you are doing well, my friend -- best wishes to you and your family this Christmas!



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