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Advice needed selling collection. qubes,LCP,TI system, vcs


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Hi Folks!

I need to sell my stuff; Scott Stilphen interviewed me years back and archived my stuff.

For example a shrink wrapped Qberts Qubes 2600 which I programmed, a TI99 development system, a 400 I believe and misc. carts. I think I have a Little Computer Person in the box (either Apple 2 or C64), some listings, various original and development boards.

Where should I sell this stuff? Ebay or anywhere else?







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There are plenty of collectors here who will pay you what you want and it will be appreciated. Ebay opens up the possibility that some reseller will grab something from you and you'll see it back on Ebay the next week at a 300% markup. Probably the best advice would be to figure out what is really unusual/rare and then search for listings that have been successfully sold on Ebay of the same item. That will give you a good price range where you could come into this marketplace and know how much you could/should bargain. Also, selling on AtariAge lets you avoid fees and meet some interesting people. I even got to meet the guy who just responded to your post because of AA! Hiya OldJD, how's it hangin?


I don't really know how rare a TI dev system is, but I imagine there are TI collectors who will pay almost whatever you want for that. Some items really bring the geeks out of the woodwork. Qberts Cubes has recently been on sale in this marketplace, so you'll sell it quickly right here.

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