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how to adapt your 2600 controller for about a dollar


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it may sound like a sensational headline but if you have some skill and fortitude it can be done


parts list


some thin wire (i just used some old ac adapter wire) so free


momentary push button (for start)


db-9 male connector less than 50 cents most places they can be found


db-15 female connector less than 50 cents


two 240k resistors about 10 cents each


soldering iron (if you dont have one you probably shouldn't attempt this)


ohm meter for testing your work


ok disclaimer time all information is for entertainment purposes only no warranties expressed or implied by reading this you agree to hold harmless any and all agencies affiliated. use of solder may expose you chemicals that cause harm . improper or proper assembly may cause harm to your system. the end product will not be fcc approved , ul listed ,osha approved or ergonomically designd device may result in hand damage, eye damage, crotch fires ,toe aches ,inner ear discombobulation do not attempt to do this at home




ok to make it less confusing i'll break it into stages


left and up directions


down and right directions




start button


adapter harness


since you will be using the original cable and plug after modification you should mark the plug end with some tape (not for 2600)



i recommend using a joystick that has 2 fire buttons you can isolate them and use them as b1 and b2

if not drill a hole and use a momentary pushbutton the resistors will be inside the joystick carcas not in the adapter harness


you will also need to cut off the metal housing for the 15 pin plug and fuse the 2 plastic parts together with the soldering iron (careful because freshly cut metal is often sharp)


here is my horrible complex confusing diagram but if you just take them one by one you can do it


after opening your joystick you will want to isolate the common ground from the buttons via circuit board cuts or with a wico or suncom stick cutting wires (the black one is often the ground what you want is the top and left common to still be connected and


the right and bottom to remain connected and have the buttons common also be tied to the right and bottom


any questions?


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