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So I got in the urge to get angry work on Snowman's Land for the ActionMax. It took a half-hour for one minute's worth of game. I now have four minutes completed out of 13 total. That means I'm 30% finished. I designed a cover for the game, which led me to save it on my website, which led to an ActionMax website I hadn't updated in quite a while (Bubba's Buck Blastin' was mentioned as not finished yet.) Yes, the computer is still being super slow. I went to sleep at 1am and didn't wake up until 2pm. Then the cat was meowing at me. Mom said not to feed her because she's too fat, so I went back to sleep so I wouldn't have to hear a screeching cat. Woke up at 5pm. So I updated the website even though probably nobody has looked at it. It's not much, it just lists the ActionMax games and pictures of their covers and ordering info for Bubba's Buck Blastin' (I added in that last one, though probably everyone that wanted one already has one.) The website is here: http://www.atari2600land.com/actionmax/

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