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Game reference numbers


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I've been wondering about these for a long time e.g. Cybermorph = J9000 and I couldn't find an answer through the search bar.


Why aren't the numbers sequential, some are in the 100's, there are gaps and some have an E at the end. Also some games don't provide the number on the box. So what's up with all that, anyone care to elaborate?


Sorry if this has all been done to death several years ago!

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If I recall correctly, there are two version of Raiden, two versions of Trevor McFur and three versions of Cybermorph.


I have no idea on the product numbers.




And two versions of Dino Dudes (E and non-E version). And two versions of Brutal Sports Football.

And various versions of Air Cars.



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Interesting stuff guys and galls!


Theme park was a fairly early release but it has no product number on either the box or the cart, I wonder why that was. I remember once seeing a list with some of the games with their product numbers and sales volumes against them, on which incidentally Theme park wasn't listed. Some unreleased games were also on that list and had been issued product reference numbers. Begs so many questions.

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