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So I thought even Tempest would be even too hard for me. So I decided on a version of the Secret Government Waffle Project. Replace the waffles with oranges and you get Oranges. The title screen took at least 3 hours to do, and I haven't even put music in yet. I had to make the letters part of the background picture data and then insert them in the tile map. I found Game Boy programming is a lot like Game Gear programming when it comes to background graphics. If only there was a way to make the music easier. Well, after three hours of fiddling with it, I got this:

Tried it on Everdrive, works good. Next step: Music creation. It was 4am so I went to sleep. Had a dream about a giant spider on my clock. I was about to spray it with Raid when that dream ended and I was in a new dream about to reply on the AtariAge weird dream thread about what happened. What woke me up though was I thought the cat was in my face. I must have dreamt it because I woke up. No cat. It was 4pm. I've taken to sleeping all day and being awake all night again. I guess this will be good for tomorrow so the idiots with fireworks won't wake me up.

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