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need Commodore Colors (CCG) crash course.


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Not familiar with CCGMS so I'm not sure if what you're asking is what I'm answering :)


All the Commodore boards I called supported* the use of PETSCII so the character graphics, color, cursor control, etc. could all be transmitted. It was common to have a "movies" section that contained things like this:



I never created any of those myself so I don't know what tools were used. The Commodore BBS/term software I wrote supported all that, plus some additional features like music, joystick control, redefinable fonts, sprite support, etc. A friend of mine ran a BBS on his Atari, which did similar things with their graphic characters (though it was just monochrome) so I also added ATASCII support to my terminal program for the 64/128.


My BBS was written in BASIC, with a machine language intercepter than moved any modem input into the keyboard buffer, and any screen output was cloned into modem output (with ASCII conversion if required). Files on the disks held the menus, messages, email, "movies", etc. while things that seldom changed like the prompts where just BASIC PRINT statements in the program.


* They also supported an ASCII for non-Commodore callers,

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