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Favorite 2600 Model


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I have a soft spot for the 4-switch woody, since that was my first Atari, and I have a soft spot for the heavy sixer, since that was the first Atari. But I think my favorite design has to be the Vader. It's a perfectly '80s design without any of the decade's more embarrassing styles.

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Well, some I have never had or likely WILL have so going by what I have in order of preference - 4 Switch Woody / VADER MODEL (Love Woodgrain but there is something about that black model) / Sears Video Arcade II.

For models I do not have well of course Original Heavy Sixer followed by the Sears Heavy than 4 Switch. :love:

It is funny because I distinctly recall back in the day if you had a SEARS version as opposed to a Atari Labelled model you were an outcast of sorts :lol: Today I LOVE the SEARS variants of Atari and Intellivision consoles!

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