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200 JR problems


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Hi, I've got an Atari 2600 JR that has been sitting for maybe a month. I was at a thrift store yesterday and picked up Pitfall, Pole position, and Adventure for a grand $6. This inspired me to pull out the 2600 again (I've been busy with 68k related Mac projects) but I'm having a strange issue. Regardless of the position of the b/w color switch, it remains in black and white. However, it's different shades of black and white, something which I think the photos can explain better than I can. I'm also not getting any sound.


This is the Atari in b/w mode and the colors all look correct.




This is the Atari when I set it to color mode. It stays black and white but the shades are all wrong.



As a side note, I know the RF cable and coaxial switch box are fine; they both work perfectly with my c64. What could cause this?

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