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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Cruiz'in Out of 2016 - December 2016 - Happy Ne


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The above picture was one I found when looking for something New Year related to Bubsy. And I found that JustinandDennis on DeviantArt not only had the ticket, but some good Bubsy material, so check it out.

There have been some challenges in 2016 but you know what? This year had it's gems as well.

This is the year that we got to see Bubsy make a come back, kinda. The Bubsy Two-Fur game was released to steam. Nice stuff. And some activity with the Modern Bubsy project.

We saw the Bubsy episode on the Jaguar Game by Game podcast.

Had the honor of talking to creator of the Bubsy character, Michael Berlyn.

And I got to talk the producer of the Bubsy game for the Jaguar, Faran Thomason.

Not Bubsy related but more for the victories of 2016, we Jaguar gamers got to see a serge of games as ST games were ported to the Jaguar. I got to help on Joust and Moon Patrol which was just fun. :D And many other personal victories. There were handships, and tragedies so much so I wanted to write off this year, but you know, many many victories as well.

For all of you out there, such as my co-Hort here Sponge Fox, or our friends Robert R, Sauron, Serguei2, GoldLeader , Kaug, BubRayBobCatt, AtariLBC, Shinto, Cafeman, and all you hundreds of readers and lurkers out there!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and here's looking forward to a great 2017!!

-Doctor Clu

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