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StudioVision - An RCA Studio II emulator for the Intellivision


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Turns out that I cannot get them to play on my Sears Super Video Arcade correctly in any format on the CC3.



the revisited studiovision "unplugged" runs now fine on my PAL inty, no further issues.

I have built all the StudioVision ROMs with the new initialisation code and -c flag and posted the updated versions at the top of thread. I believe this should fix the problems reported by KylJoy and Gernot when using StudioVision on a PAL Intellivision or with a Sears or INTV II EXEC. I am less certain it will fix the problems associated with trying to run it using a Cuttle Cart, but you never know. I have not had too much time to thoroughly test the new versions, so I hope I have not broken anything in the core JzIntv / NTSC configuration.


As always, if you find any problems please let me know.






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