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Are there better methods to record Atari 2600 video footage on PC?

Crimson Tibiasm

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I wanted to create this topic since I made my RF shielding video a few months back. Recently I’ve seen users who have done VHS recordings and uploaded them to YouTube and other video sights. I have done this in the past and the qualities of these recordings are terrible depending on the recording speed, the VCR, and the AV or RF video output.

So far I have done 2 different methods and one of them provides better quality than VHS and the other one far superior in the sense of analog recording.

The first method I used so far is a DVD recorder and ripping them to my PC. It’s an SV2000 made by Funai and it allows me to record RF analog signals and I can use 3 different video outputs which are RCA, S-video, and Component. I have some DVD-RW’s already recorded with some game play footage from my Sears Video Arcade. It's seemed far better than the VHS recordings I have. The only problem I ran into so far is deinterlacing the footage and ripping them on to my PC which takes a long time to process. Though, little or less sound and picture quality is lost during this process. Unlike the VHS recordings, which I had to transfer them onto DVD, this method seems to be great if you only want to do more than pause and play. But if I wanted to record this at an HQ quality speeds. I had only 1hr to record gameplay footage.

On the other hand, I found a superior method by using an internal TV turner on my PC. I manage to acquire one of these back in 2008 from a local Fry’s electronics store; before I found out Best Buy had none of them in stock in my local area. I bought a WinTV-HVR 1800 PCI express made by Hauppauge. Expensive and no longer sold by them anymore, as of 2017. I’m really happy I managed to find this and everything including the original box as I thought I gave this away after switching from Windows to Linux Mint. After searching online and trying to find some software I came across Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. Amazingly I not only could I stream, but also record game play footage from any older generation console. There are a lot of features that OBS had to offer over WinTV software. I’ve done some test and there was a huge difference between DVD and the Internal TV tuner. I didn’t see these ugly blocks in dark/black areas and the sound was quite amazing. Also, I’m able to record more than 1 hr of footage.

After I examined both methods I started to use the internal TV turner method rather than the DVD recorder.


I ask anyone here if they have found other methods far better than the one I stated here.

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