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nanoPEB question


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My nanoPEB reports the same memory size (24488/11832) which I always assumed was an 8k loss as a result of the additional commands (CALL MOUNT/CALL UNMOUNT)


will be interseting to read what others have to say.


I believe those numbers are 24k upper memory expansion as used by XB.

11k of remaining VDP memory

and the missing 8k is the >2000 - >3FFF bank of the 32k, that XB doesn't directly use, but you can load machine code into or whatever... XB just doesn't manage it for XB code, so it doesn't report it.


Routines like CALL MOUNT actually live in paged in DSR roms (>4000 - >5FFF space), and don't impact XB memory reports.



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Hi all

have recieved a nanoPEB from a website and while looking around trying to work out how to use it i found a post saying the memory should be 11840 BYTES OF STACK FREE

24488 BYTES OF PROGRAM,well mine says 11832 bytes of stack memory.

is this a problem will it cause any issues.

many thanks in advance


The stack memory difference is a proper "side effect" of the cf7/nano reserving 8 bytes of VDP RAM to track its three mounted disk volumes. This is a good thing.

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