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What's eating Bank4?


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Happy New year!

I been doing alright with Batari Basic, I've reached a point where I can just write code and figure out how things work myself without depending on question and answers. I am proud of myself for that lollll
BUT I have 16k set up which has 4 banks. And I notice the 4th bank slowly gets eaten up by some kinda monster. Whats going on there exactly? Also wondering if you can direct the "monster" to other banks. What happens when bank 4 is used up and i wanna add more sprites, is that the end of the line? I'm coming close. A link to document explaining would be cool if you feel lazy : )

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You do not need to specify where sprite graphics go, as they all will be automatically placed in the last bank no matter where you define them (you can just leave all of your animation frames in the same bank that contains your main loop). Also, the kernel will always be placed in the last bank. Typically, bB modules and functions will as well.
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If you ever absolutely need more graphics you can use RevEngs multi kernel framework:



The restriction here is that each 4k is a complete game onto itself - meaning code and graphics share each 4k. Using the normal kernel there is more room for code in every bank but the last.


Of course, sprites from one bank aren't valid in another with the multi kernel framework. So, you either have to duplicate sprites or segregate each 4k into game modes that will never have to use sprites outside the bank. Say, have the first bank be the overworld with forest animals while the second bank is the dungeon with ghosts.

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