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IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1-Contest


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We started off with the following statistics:





for a total 5,426 lines


We added the TV tuner menu, and lots of graphics, game play features and some music.

Given the fuzzy nature of what is a line of code, the contest was equivalent to "guess the jelly beans in the jar"

There were lots of guesses in the 6,6xx range, a couple less than the starting number but none higher than the final total. So the closest to the correct answer is the winner.



As sent to judge nanochess at the start, the final number of lines of IntyBASIC code used to produce the release put on cartridge is:



Therefore, I am pleased to announce that the winner is:

Evg2000, with a guess of 8,142


IntyBASIC Volume 1 was a very rewarding and challenging experience for me, thanks everyone that bought the game as a portion of every copy sold helped out nanochess. There are still copies available (or there will be soon if Rev has to order more boards, contact him to order)


Thanks everyone for entering, in the coming weeks, look for a fairly detailed post mortem post about volume 1 in the programming sub forum as well as details about Volume 2 and 3, already underway.

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