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Dumping my floppies to ATRs


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I have never done a floppy dump to ATR and have a ton of floppies I would like to preserve. I have an SIO2BT and an Arduino based SIO2USB as well as two Rana 1000 drive, two 810s and a 1050 with a chip in it that expands the capability (not sure which one been too many years since I installed it). What is the best way to go about dumping my floppies to ATR with what I have available? The vast majority of the floppies are non-protected to copy protection will not be an issue but some are double density. I have an 800 (48k) and a 130xe available to use as the 'read' point.


Thanks for any help



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I do not own SIO2BT or an arduino based SIO2USB, just a plain vanilla SIO2PC, but I guess the process is similar...


On the A8 side I would use the 130XE (more RAM, good for sector-copies!) and either a Rana floppy (no speeder, but able to read/write 90k/130k/180k) or the 1050+enhancement chip (ultraspeed?) and last not least a sectorcopy program that supports 90k/130k/180k and maybe a floppy-speeder (e.g. Mycopier! which supports ultraspeed-enhancements like Happy, Speedy, US-Doubler, etc.). On the PC side I would use the SIO2USB and maybe AspeQT or APE or something similar.


If you have the sectorcopy-program as an ATR image, then setup your PC program (APE, AspeQT, etc.) as D1 with this sectorcopy and the Atari drive as D2. Otherwise, if the sectorcopy is on diskette, then setup your Atari drive as D1 and an empty ATR image on the PC as D2. Either way, switch on your Atari 130XE to boot the sectorcopy program, when booted, create an empty ATR image on the PC and copy/backup all your diskettes to empty ATR images (read disk from A8 drive, write to the PC as ATR image). If you have 100 diskettes (or more), you have to create 100 (or more) ATR images on the PC, 200 (or more) if the disks are flippies - and do not forget to always setup the correct ATR size on the PC (90k/130k/180k)...


The process is similar as copying disks with two drives, but with SIO2USB your PC (and the ATR image) acts as a second drive, you then simply read and write disks with an A8 sectorcopy program...



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