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US power supply in a PAL Intellivision console?


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Yes, power supply board is the same. You would just swap the transformer and power cord. The transformer supplies 18.5VAC with 9.25VAC centre tap on the secondary side.


From http://www.intvfunhouse.com/faq/intv_faq7.php


Yellow Lead --+ ------| | |

Blue Lead --+ ------| | |

Green/Yellow Lead --+ ------| | |

Green Lead --+ ------| | |

Green Lead --+ ------|_|_____|

Yellow Lead to Blue Lead - 18 VAC

Green/Yellow lead to any Green - 9.25 VAC

Green Lead to Green Lead - 18.5 VAC


The power supply does the rectification to DC and regulation for the 12V DC and 5V DC rails.


Once you've swapped the transformer, good idea to check the voltages at the 5 pin ribbon connector before hooking up the motherboard, especially the unregulated DC line.

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