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New Hardware: Atari 400/800 Super Color CPU Card


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If you have done yours into an 800- can you show a pic or describe as best you can how you do the video wire run to the internal connections? I am using a cut wire supplied with the device.. maybe I need to use something smaller and more flexible. But I know it was stated that the shielding is very important.



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I need help. I had a working 800 with incognito - last week the SIO died, so I thought fine, time to put the SCCC in. I will change the Pokey while I am in there.. most people think its the pokey causing the SIO issue.


I have installed the SCCC - hard time routing the cable, but what you see seems to work and I can get the cage over it. 


I can start it up.. with the speaker attached I can here the startup clicks. but screen stays black. I can hold the start button and I will get the cassette load tone. 


I am getting no video.  How do I test. I have removed the components from the board - so I cannot reconnect video.







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1 hour ago, scorpio_ny said:

Hi @Bikerbob

I am not sure if this card disables it, but are you getting a video signal on the built in video? Are you seeing a normal screen from there? Just to rule out any issues with the video chips


Sorry, guess you have not done this mod - once you remove the components from the video circuit, you cannot get the built in video out anymore - I removed the components - the caps that were on the output lines did not survive the removal, so I cannot put them back in if I wanted to.



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