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Skunkboard and Windows 10..?


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I normally use an Android tablet or a Chromebook when at home. I have an old Toshiba laptop with Windows XP that is quite a clunker: I only fire it up occasionally to either run emulators for old 8-bit systems or to run the Skunkboard utilities.


I'm thinking of buying a new Windows laptop. Nothing fancy, but it looks like I could get a basic no-frills laptop running Win 10 for about $250. Will the Skunkboard software work okay with Windows 10?

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10 - worked fine

10.1 - worked fine

10.A - Got p****d off and went back to Windows 8.1


You can make it work in 10.A by booting with driver signing disabled... every...single...boot...


(Or, you could use a VM, which I might play with at some point because I want to go back to 10 again)

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We're moving to Win 10 at my office this fall, so I think I'll go ahead and pick up a Win 10 machine so I can familiarize myself with it.


I'll hang on to the XP clunker until I know I'm happy with the newer machine.

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I have my Windows 10 laptop as of yesterday.

The laptop works great, but damned if I can figure out how to get the hardware wizard to install the drivers for the Cypress EZ-OTG...



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