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Memoirs of a Novelty Account - Additions and Possible Losses


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Yesterday I received the bundle of 2600 games I had ordered. Pictured here is a few notable additions, as well as my entire library sans the duplicates. As you can probably infer, I'm fond of the text labels. I sat down and played through Superman last night, and I'm glad it was in the lot because it's pretty decent.

My dad gave me a call a few hours ago and said he wants to have Baxter (our 20-year-old grey tabby) put down. He says that the cat is meowing constantly and driving him insane. It's really a shame because Baxter is healthy in every other way; he just doesn't know what he wants. Maybe he's going senile.
I'm surprised he's lived this long; for most of his life he was an outdoor cat. He was still jumping the fence a year ago.

He's possibly older than me, and we've had him since I was an infant, so this is more serious than losing a rat or even Charlotte the secondhand tarantula (13 years, wowza!). I'll ask my dad if he could wait until the snow melts so we can bury Baxter in the yard, but he's not known for putting up with annoyances for long. Guess we'll have to just wait and see.

The last few weeks of this year went sour in a hurry, and I feel detached as pieces of my old life continually pass away. I hope you all find where you belong in this difficult time.
Here's to a better 2017.

Featured Photograph: Baxter on March 24, 2016

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