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Intec Gamecube

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Went to gamestop many years ago and got a gamecube for 30 bucks. Got the gameboy player separately. The gamecube came with the intec screen you see pictured. All works great. Except I don't have the av cable for the screen. You can see in the 6th picture. Looks like a 3.5mm cable to rca. But the cables I have don't work. I can get sound from my NES but no picture. I saw a youtube video he used a different screen but it was made by intec and was for gamecube and looked very similar. He used a 3 ring 3.5mm to rca female. I only have male not female. But it should work. Maybe the rings are slightly off. I can't find an official cable anywhere.

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Ok I got it working. Same link I added more pictures. I found an old component red green and blue cable laying around. The red give sound and the blue and green don't. And the green gives video. The red and blue do not give sound. Its interesting that a component cable gave picture and composite cable does not work. But you will notice 5th and 7th picture from the bottom the component cable is bigger and placement of the rings compared to the others is different. I have to slide the color dial all the way up and the brightness about half way. Colors are a little bit off but its as close to the original as it will get.

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I've always loved the look of that setup. It makes me chuckle, it's like some mutation of the gba sp. Never considered that when you ad the gba player that is exactly what it is. I think you should create some type of chest harness and battery system for some hard core on the go gaming action. Seems like something Keith Apicary would use.


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