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atari2600land's Blog - Entering the Incinerator


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One of the things I wanted to do when I started the project was make the incinerator have a hole so the vegetarians can enter it. So it was now that I decided I should try, seeing as how I could change the playfield color at the bottom since it was using COLUBK. So I tried and eventually got it so that the opening was there, but it started drawing the hole at the wrong y position. Time to fiddle with it some more. Finally got it correct. But then the score went crazy on me, adding horizontal lines between the tens and ones digit when the ones digit was 6 or higher. So I scaled back some code, I erased some that didn't have any use I think. Turns out it didn't because it still was working OK and the horizontal lines were gone. And Darrell Spice had to help me, but we finally got the little men to wear clothing instead of running around naked. So now here's what it looks like:

Together with the celery's eyes, I must say that the game looks way better than it used to. I have <200 bytes left to work with. I'd like to keep this at 2k just to see if I can. I would like some feedback on the game, though. Hardly anyone visits the 2600 Programming For Newbies forum, so perhaps it's time to put this in the Homebrew forum and ask for feedback on the game there. I have designed a little 4 page manual to go along with the game. I wanted an 8 pager, but I had trouble filling up the 2 pages I had!

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